How to Make a Superhero Video

If you have ever wondered how to make a superhero video, it is easier than you think!

This has to be one of my favorite summer activities that I did with my children a few years ago.  Post includes step by step instruction, materials list, and video

This has to be one of my favorite summer activities that I did with my children a few years ago.  Materials for how to make a superhero video are easy and creativity abounds with fans ‘offset’ to show flowing capes made from an old sheet.  Add a superhero theme song and be ready to capture memories with your smart phone or tablet. How to make a superhero video is part of the magic and memories! 

Be sure to grab your materials list.


  • smartphone, tablet, video recorder
  • old sheet
  • scissors
  • chalk

Additional props if you are really going all out

  • box fan
  • ladder

We took our theme from flying superheros, but let your creativity go wild and do an underwater theme with a waterhose or maybe in a swimming pool!  There are lots of underwater options from disposal cameras to my son’s favorite, GoPro.

How to Make a Superhero Video:

  1. Decide your theme and create a chalk background (Hint: Limit your drawing size to what your screen can capture.  I drew lines for the cityscape boundary.)
  2. Create your superhero costume.  This was as easy as creating a mask and cape.  It literally took less than 10 minutes to make all four costumes.  We weren’t in the details, because we were so excited to film!
  3. Position any props outside the recording scope.  We had a box fan off camera to simulate the wind blowing through their capes and I used a ladder so I could capture the video above the cityscape.
  4. Add sound.  With today’s apps like iMovie and Flipogram, adding music to your video is easy.  I went old school and ‘played’ the theme song as I was recording.
  5. Editing.  Depending on how you recorded the video you may be ready to go, or maybe a few edits in iMovie.  With Flipogram, you can select up to 30 images and determine the timing of the slideshow.  You can also add music to your video with iMovie and Flipogram.
  6. Share.  I shared our video on YouTube and Facebook so the grandparents and friends could see!  Here is how our movie turned out:

I love going back and watching this video, because my children have grown so much since we tapped it.  It reminds me of the trip we took to my mother’s and the fun we had that afternoon.  The camera kept recording and captured this injured, but funny superhero:

How to make a superhero video is really easier than you think and so much fun to share.  Pull out the props and get your phone ready to record some happy, super memories.