How to Save Money on Kid's Clothing

How to save money on kid's clothing

How to save money on kid's clothes is as easy as finding your community seasonal consignment sale.  I have saved thousands of dollars over the past 15 years buying and selling for my four children. Read the details here:

For over 11 years, I have been participating in children consignment sales. 

It is my seasonal Black Friday.

Here is what I mean. 

Over the past 15 years, I have shopped for 3 boys and 1 girl and have saved thousands of dollars.  

I think that children’s consignment sales are the most ingenious events ever organized!

The first season I participated there was some cost involved  because I had to buy supplies to tag the items that I wanted to sale.

Since then, I have literally rented all the equipment, toys, shoes, and clothes my children have owned, sometimes I even make a little money.  

Here is how it works.  

  • At the end of a season, I separate donated items and bag up all my clothes, unwanted toys, and accessories. 
  • Registration opens and I register as a consignor and I go to work.
  • I organize my items by size, gender, and 'like items.'
  • I prepare all my items and take them to the sale.

Before I shop, I always take an inventory of what each child needs for the season.  I am careful to note what I already have on hand from number of shorts, jeans to jammies.  Once I have my list, I am ready to shop.

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 today’s children’s consignment sales are not like garage sales. 

Most sales put the consignor’s clothing through an inspection process so what you have to choose from is either gently used or in some cases new with tags. 

While I am shopping, I stick to my list so as not to over buy.  I think my youngest son always makes out like a bandit because he has had 2 brothers that have come before him, so he has a big selection each season. 

Even though my daughter is 14 and my oldest son is 16, I can still buy all the items they need for the season.  Who can pass up saving up to 70% off retail? 

I am able to get brands like Sperry, Columbia, Lands End, North Face, Under Armor, Lily Pulitzer, and more!

How do I never spend a dime on their season’s wardrobe?

My sales from my consignment have always equalled what I spend.

How do you find this underground shopping bonanza? 

There are many churches in your area, groups, and other established sales, that offer good selection of older children’s clothing is a good place to start. There are also boutique sales that are starting to pop up for women and specific brands like Matilda Jane and others. 

You may have to try a few the first season to see which one you like.  I use a tagging system that allows me to transfer items from sale to sale. So, if items don’t sale the first time, I will generally bring them the following season, or participate with another sale that uses the same system.  I can maximize my work and the money I make each season.

Whether you have one child, or a large family like mine, who can pass up the savings? 

I recommend moms who are expecting start before the baby even gets here!  Seasonal sales are also a great opportunity to purchase seconds to have at grandma’s house!  Here’s to never paying for your children’s wardrobe again! 

Seasonal children's sales are an excellent way to take the bite out of your family's clothing budget.  If you are looking for other's ways to save I have listed four ways I have found to cut my monthly budget in this post HOW TO SAVE MONEY.

Recycle, resale, and purchase what your children need for the season for a fraction of retail!