The Best Mother's Day I Ever Had

The best Mother’s Day that I ever had is not what you might think.

Fifteen years ago, I didn’t think I would ever celebrate a Mother’s Day.

I vividly remember looking at my husband and watching a single tear roll down his face at the thought of never having children.

The best mother's day almost didn't happen.  Here is a great idea for any mom on mother's day.

After three miscarriages, I tested positive for antiphospholipid syndrome, a condition that results in blood clotting and miscarriage. Based on my test results, my gynecologist assured me he knew what to do the next time I got pregnant.

During my fourth pregnancy, I started a regiment of heparin injections twice a day and a baby aspirin that saved my pregnancy.

I believed in my doctor, but the stress of getting through the first eight weeks was difficult.

I had been conditioned to miscarriages.

At first, my husband would give me the injections, but he had to leave for training and I had to learn to do it myself.

I can’t tell you how long I sat on my bed staring at the needle before I stuck myself for the first time.

I knew it was something I had to do.

Luckily, this was the miracle treatment that I needed.

I went on to deliver my first child, a healthy boy, and three more healthy babies in next four years, one girl and two boys. Yeah, I think we got the formula right.

I often joked that I was a frequent flyer at the hospital with a great tailgate party! We had delivery down to a science.

My husband is a military helicopter pilot, and he has been called to duty and extended trainings from time to time. Last year, was one of those years. Without prompting, all four of my children ages 7-12 gave me the best Mother’s Day present ever.

You see, we have a tradition in our family on birthdays and special occasions, the honoree gets breakfast in bed. Without their dad present to help, my day started off with breakfast in bed.

What happened next, made my momma heart swell and brought tears to my eyes.

The children pulled out the iPad and told me to push play.

Here is what I saw...

Out of their sweet hearts, they made this gift for me without their dad’s help.

I still get a lump in my throat, because I know they get it. They were celebrating our life together.

For me, that means I am getting something right.

I mean as parents, we are trying to help these little ones be better than ourselves, to have peaceful and loving hearts.

I saw all four of their loving hearts that day, on my special day.

Riding my bike is one of my favorite things to do, so later that day we all rode our bikes down a favorite trail and ended with one of my favorite #momselfies.

Even though my husband was not physically present, he was present in these beautiful children we are raising together.

When they were little I was often asked,

“Are they all yours?” “Are they twins?”
“You have your hands full.” “So blessed.”

Yes, my friends, I am blessed. Every day, I get to share these wonderful lives. All of it.

I share the good and bad, messy and sassy, exhausting, whirlwind days with my favorite little people.

I am proud of my mommy scars, I don’t take my time with them for granted,

or that I have not gone to the bathroom by myself in 13 years.

(I know you know what I am talking about.)

I am blessed. Happy Mother’s Day.