Time Management for Busy Moms: Holiday Version

Time management for busy moms holiday edition focuses on being intentional with the unschedule of the holidays.  Read more and grab the free holiday schedule printable: http://multitaskingmaven.com/blog/time-management-for-busy-moms-holiday

I have been looking forward to this episode because we are talking about time management for moms' holiday edition.

Let's break it down.

These next two weeks are going to probably be the most overwhelming weeks that you're going to have all year-round.  That's the bad news.

Not only do you have additional things on your to-do list to do, but you may have kids that are home now too.

If you're an expecting mom, you're not there yet.

If you have littles that are in pre-school or use a mommy morning out program, they might be closed because it's holiday time.  

If you've got school-aged children you know school is closed. 

So now we've got an additional layer to manage over these net two weeks.

As mothers we carry around mom guilt because we want to make the most out of these next two weeks.

So I'm going to break your holiday time management down into three different areas. The goal of this exercise is to take what's swimming around in your head and put it down on paper.  When you plan you can focus just on one thing - just that one day, you suddenly can breathe a whole lot easier.

You're going to enjoy that time that you have.

 Now we're breaking our time down into three different areas like I said, giving, family traditions, and taking a moment, all right? But before we get started I want to open with this quote and I think this is just spot on for today's episode.

The key is not spending time,
but it is investing in it.
— Stephen Covey


I love that. We're investing our time and stop saying I don't have time for that.   


So let's take a look at your giving. I know you're thinking, "I don't have time for giving," but giving activities are a great opportunity for family time.  

One of our giving activities is baking and giving to friends, neighbors, and local businesses. One of our baking activities is to make sausage balls.  We give them to our neighbors, and then we go around the community and we give them to our bank, our feed store, just different people that we interact with throughout the whole year.

 So in terms of giving activity, I want to make sure that you put everything on your schedule including grocery shopping, buying containers, and the actual delivery day. We need to plan for all of that so you don't carry that additional baggage around with you. It's all about taking what's in your brain and putting it down on the holiday printable so it's all scheduled out. Grab my special holiday planner printable in the MAMA HACKS LIBRARY.

Other giving opportunities are things we do with our church. This week we're going to do a cookie walk in our community. People in the church bake cookies and we go through the community and deliver them.

I want you to plan it out. I don't want you to just to think giving and jot something down the back of an envelope you found in your car at the bottom of your Christmas shopping list. What are the things that you need to do to be totally prepared and ready, taking it from something you are thinking about and putting it on your printable.

Family tradition

I know you probably have family traditions. If you don't, here is a sample of a few that you can start this year. For my family, we have a few holiday traditions. One of our favorites is watching   "White Christmas" on Christmas Eve every single year. It's on the calendar. We cannot watch it until Christmas Eve. That is what makes it so special and we watch it every single year. 


Another way that you can do a special movie night, I have heard where people will wrap up the movies, maybe 10 of 12 of them, and then they'll just pick one, unwrap, and watch it together as a family.  

It is investing in Family activities that create memories.

We also do a Secret Santa.  The children put names in a bowl and a few weeks before Christmas we choose and shop for each other. We include everyone in our immediate family and it's the one gift that everyone gets to open on Christmas Eve.

 Thinking outside the box, several years ago my husband was deployed and came home around the holidays.  When he came home that night they were all in their jammies and we threw them in the car and took them to Krispy Kreme and we got donuts.  It's something the kids still talk about today.   It was  a lot of fun and it's just something just out of the ordinary traditionally.

So it's those types of things, ideas  that I recommend that you add to your holiday schedule. Don't think about it - add it to the printable. 

50 self care ideas.png

Take a Moment

So we've talked about giving and family traditions. Now, we're talking about taking a moment, and this is for you.

Last week I did a post on self-care and it gave you 50 different ideas on different things that you could do for self-care, your own personal care.

Now when I talk about taking a moment, this phrase originally came from my best friend.  

She helps me do my children's seasonal sale. You can imagine with the sale and event larger than Target, capping registration at 750 consigners,  there is constant motion from the time that we open until six days later when it closes.

I used to do a lot of the stuff myself before I started delegating and implementing systems.

At the height of all the activity, she would turn to me and say, "You just need to take a moment."

This action item on your schedule is  an opportunity for you to step back and take a breather.

I know that you are going to need it over the next two weeks. So if self-care means running to Starbucks, walking inside and being just enveloped in that wonderful coffee smell, schedule it.  

If it is sitting on the couch, and I know some of you are like, "I don't have time to sit." If you're sitting on the couch and scrolling through your Pinterest feed, your Facebook feed, if it is reading a magazine, the point of this planning is to schedule time to do something that makes you happy whatever that is.  You're going to need your happy place, trust me.

Time management for busy moms holiday edition focuses on being intentional with the unschedule of the holidays.  Read more and grab the free holiday schedule printable: http://multitaskingmaven.com/blog/time-management-for-busy-moms-holiday

It's important that you take a moment over the next two weeks.

You're probably going to want to take several moments because the activity level, the chaos level, is going to be through the roof.

For you to manage that and for you to not feel completely exhausted, wiped out like you've been hit with a Mack truck at the end of these two weeks when the kids go back to school and our normal schedule happens starting January 2nd, it is really critical that you take a moment.

I'm going to go back to that quote. "It's an investment of time. We're investing time."

We've investing time in these memories that we're making over the next two weeks. 

You're the CEO of your home. You're the backbone. You making everything run. Gifts are wrapped, traditions are established, giving is prioritized, you are the glue to all of these memories.  

To help you manage your time, I want to take all the things out of your head - what I like to call get the spiders out of my head and record them on the printable. 

I'm going to go through the printable with you real quick. You'll find a link to it below this video.  The way I work my goals is to have one big goal and three little.  

The big goal is investing our time and how we're going to invest our time we're going to do it in three ways. Family tradition, giving, and taking a moment.

 I've given you two different sheets. I've done week at a glance and then I've done a day at a glance, so you can get really specific with the time.


So your week at a glance is what you're going to do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then I give you one block that's just for the weekend. I just want you to brainstorm on those things. I want you to think about what's realistic because as you start to take it from thinking to putting it on paper, you're going to see what is realistic and what is unrealistic and what's going to make you miserable.

Of course we want to avoid being miserable because when you're miserable, you're stressed. You have high anxiety.

You probably are barking at people.

You're not so nice.

You're sharp, you're quick tempered, all of those things.

I've been there. I know exactly what that looks like. So we are avoiding that by putting it down on paper and planning.


The second printable I have for you is your day at a glance.  I like to time block, and what I mean by time blocking is to separate my day into three areas including morning, afternoon, and  evening.

So for this particular day I have the date and I've written down my three little goals, things that I want to accomplish and then I plot those things out. I can make little lists on the side. If, for example, if this is my baking day, I want to make sure I have all the ingredients, everything ready to go, so all I have to do is focus on this one thing and not the full week.

If I can just focus on my day and know that I have the next two weeks planned out, I can relax because everything is covered.

Everything is going to get done. All of these memories are going to be made and I'm going to be less stressed.


The last thing that I do on my day at a glance is to look at my daily affirmation. For the next two weeks I've put "The key is not spending time but investing time." 

That's the whole key to all of this.

We want to look back at the holidays of 2017 and we want to know that we've invested our time in the right things, that we've made memories, done the right tasks, planned in advance so we're not up until midnight wrapping gifts on Christmas eve, right?

We're enjoying things with our family and maybe on Christmas Eve you are tucked away in your flannel sheets, everything is done on your list and you are bingeing on Netflix. Love it.  ♥

I hope that you're able to spend some time making precious memories with your family and your friends.