Copywriting is critical to your success online.  As soon as I watched Jim Edward's interview about Funnel Scripts, I knew it was a tool I wanted for my business.  From headlines, Facebook Ad Copy - and I mean from cold audiences to warm, done for you webinars that truly speak to your audience, and coming soon Podcast scripts and show notes?  You can't afford NOT to have this tool in your back pocket.  

Email Marketing

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I have been using email marketing for over 14 years.  It is the cornerstone of my business.  I have only used a handful of email service providers including Constant Contact, MadMimi, and finally switched to ConvertKit. I have been using ConvertKit now for over 2 years and love the automations and option to resend to increase my open rates.  Think of ConvertKit like tipping over dominos.  When your customer signs up for your freebie, let the automations "dominos" of ConvertKit move them through your email sequence.